From: 01.01.2018 To: 31.12.2018

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Mostar Street Art Walking Tour

Street Art Walking Tour is a special experience for street art lovers through which you would get to know about Street Art scene in Mostar that has been built by Mostar Street Arts Festival (2012-2016)
SAWT is designed as a two-hour long viewing of murals that are located in different parts of the city and were painted by artists from around the world.
Miraculous Mostar murals are special mark of Mostar. They deliver urban dimension into public space in which – even 20 years after the war – many ruins, abandoned and unoccupied areas are still visible.
Street Arts Festival made Mostar the biggest gallery of Street art in the region through which you can see the works of local and regional artists as well as world-renowned street artists.


For the start we would explore the city center – the square in which surroundings are numerous murals. We would walk you through the history of how Street art first came to Mostar and how it contributed and changed the city. During the tour we would take you to the areas with interesting historical stories which influenced upbuilding of Mostar Street art and alternative scene. We wish to disclose the story that has changed the visual identity of the city and brought a whole new dynamic to the streets of post-war Mostar.